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Every day, when I teach or do research at the Solvay Brussels School of Economics and Management or when I advise entrepreneurs, I produce, access and/or transfer knowledge items that I believe to be relevant for many people interested in entrepreneurship.
Don't ask me why but it took me years before deciding to build a website where most of this is available... I just view it simply as a hub, where anybody can access useful information and then move forward.

Of course, this is a typical never-ending project. The site evolves from day to day. It went live in February 2010 and still looks like work in progress, so feedbacks and suggestions are welcome! I hope you will find your way and enjoy the content.

See you soon, on the web ... or in the real world.


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VC in Belgium

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Discover the Growth Capital & Buy-Out Guide. Please visit www.venture-capital.be to get a free pdf version. The guide is dedicated to entrepreneurs and their advisors. It has been written by Sophie Manigart, Tom ...

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Fondation Bernheim

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Most of my research and teaching activities are generously supported by the Bernheim Foundation.   Feel free to visit their website and discover the fascinating life and visionary last will of Emile ...

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Expansion Entrepreneuriat

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Découvrez la revue Expansion Entrepreneuriat qui dresse un pont entre les mondes académiques et pratiques. ... et ABONNEZ-VOUS ...

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